Gina Carino forced out of The Mandalorian for a post too far (far away)


Sorry, we couldn’t resist. Actors with right wing views are few and far between in Hollywood and while everyone is entitled to hold an opinion, former MMA fighter and star of the Disney+ Star Wars smash series crossed a line and has paid for it with her job.


Carino is a firm fan favourite in The Mandalorian, playing kick-ass freedom fighter Cara Dune for two seasons but it looks like she won’t be returning anytime soon.


The actress is no stranger to controversial social media posts having previously mocked the use of gender pronouns (for which she received a schooling from Mando star Pedro Pascal). She has also criticised mask wearing mandates and claimed there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. Election, something that has been widely debunked.


She ramped things up a notch this week however, going to town first with a cryptic message about Jeffrey Epstein and then comparing the current U.S. political climate to the murder of Jews in Nazi Germany. Mando himself would facepalm were he not already wearing a helmet.


Lucasfilm’s lightsabre of justice was swift and deadly, releasing a statement saying that she was no longer in the cast. Her talent agency UTA have also dropped her as a client.