As the world progresses, so do Apple’s Emojis. Every now and again, Apple decides to drop a whole new batch of Emojis as they catch up with social changes and world events.


In a few weeks’ time, you’ll be able to tell your pals that you’re going climbing and at last they won’t be overwhelmed with concern that you’re not going to wear a helmet as the climbing Emoji has been updated with one. PHEW.


More relevant perhaps is the addition of gender-neutral faces and now mixed-race gay couples as well. Long hair emojis with beards or stubble are also joining the line-up so they are altogether just that bit more inclusive.


In very much a sign of our times, they have also redesigned the hypodermic needle Emoji which will no longer be filled with blood. Now it will represent a vaccine jab with a clear liquid in response to the Covid vaccination that is making its way around the world.

Gender-neutral faces to be included in new set of Apple Emojis
Gender-neutral faces to be included in new set of Apple Emojis

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