Gay TV presenter abused in Dublin street in what he calls ‘everyday homophobia’


We have all experienced the horror of ‘everyday homophobia’ at some point in our lives. Whether we were ‘out’ at the time, on the receiving end or witnessing it happen to someone else. 


It’s the reason so many of us don’t want to hold our partners hand or perform any kind od PDA in a place where we think someone just might ‘take offence’. Well that happened in broad daylight to Irish TV prisoner Darren Kennedy on Camden St in Dublin and he talks about it in the video below. 


The worst thing about it is the shame. It’s common to get angry in the face of people shouting homophobic slurs at you but it’s also more often than not going to throw back feelings of shame. Embarrassed that they ‘got it right’ when you were trying to hide it. Well NO MORE says Kennedy. It needs to be called out every single time, he says.


Do also remember that it’s usually safer to ignore it and to walk tall. Things can escalate quickly and your safety is always more important than your pride.