Gay inmate takes legal action over sex ‘ban’ in Northern Irish prisons


Sex between men in prison is a subject that has intrigued people for decades.


The topic of ‘prison sexuality’ and whether it’s considered a ‘gay act’ or just a necessity has long been debated and the questions that it brings up about human sexuality are varied to say the least. 


Despite the multitude of TV shows and movies depicting sex in jail, the reality is far from what you might have seen on PornHub and in this case, is actually more to do with human rights. 


An unnamed gay man who is currently serving time in Maghaberry prison near Lisburn, Northern Ireland, is taking on an outdated policy that prohibits prisons from distributing condoms, lube etc meaning that the prison service was not providing ‘effective access to preventative measures to prevent sexually transmitted infection.’


Such sexual aids are provided in prisons in both England and Wales meaning that the failure do so in Northern Ireland constituted to a breach in the European Convention of Human Rights, according to his lawyer Gavin Booth of Phoenix Law.  Whether that’s affiliated with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney isn’t clear at this time. 


The prisoner allegedly asked for condoms last year and was told that they were prohibited and he could be disciplined if caught having sex with another inmate. We assume the other prisoner would be reprimanded too, of course.


According to John O’Doherty of The Rainbow Project, he said he’d been fighting for the rights of gay prisoners for over a decade, saying to the Irish News: ‘I think honestly one of the main barriers to the implementation of that has been around recognising there has been sexual activity among prisoners.’