Frozen star delivers perfect response to ‘racist’ audience members who storm out over ‘woke’ casting

Instagram: @obiomaugoala

A star of the Frozen musical has called out a group of audience members for racism after they walked out of a performance because of his casting.


That this even happens in 2022, let alone in the UK’s capital city – a place that prides itself on culture and diversity – is disheartening but also, frustratingly, not surprising.


Obioma Ugoala, a star of award-winning musical Frozen, in London’s West End, took to Twitter (23 March) to respond to some idiots disgruntled audience members following a performance of the hit production that evening, where they walked out complaining of ‘woke culture silliness’.


The Nigerian-Irish actor who trained at London’s Drama Centre, acted in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Henry V and The Mouse and his Child and who currently plays Kristoff in the Disney musical, addressed the “four audience members in their 50s who left the show”, in a Tweet tagged #RepresentationMatters: 


“I am sorry that in a world of Ice Queens and magic strikes, this “da***e” as you referred to me was outside of your imagination.

“Perhaps you presumed you were safe to speak of me that way, not feeling you’d be overheard. Perhaps the film has a special place in your heart”


In a follow up tweet, the star continued: “My Afro hair and melanated skin beyond the scope of what you could fathom. But, sirs and madams, night after night, I see hundreds of children watch our talented cast of all hues and colours and escape into a magical world for two hours. I wish you had their eyes.”


The award-nominated actor and author rounded out his thread perfectly by saying: “The sadness that you left me with tonight will be replaced tomorrow morning with the renewed zeal of one reminded we still have work to do.”


Fortunately, because not all people are dick heads, social media users were quick to respond with an outpouring of love and support for the actor.


One person tweeted: “I showed a photo of the West End cast to my class (ages five and six). Nothing will compare to the faces of the black and mixed race children when they realised Kristoff looks like them. Diversity on stage MATTERS. Diversity in Disney MATTERS.”

Another: “Obi You’re the reason why I keep coming to see you perform. You are the reason why you make children of colour believe in themselves and that they can live their dreams on West End. You’re truly the star of the show and you deserve that role.”

And: “You are loved and respected and admired by so many. I feel so sorry that you had to experience that level of abject narrow-mindedness. Please receive my love tonight sir x”


Respect to Obioma for handling the situation with such dignity and grace. We don’t imagine we would have managed the response so eloquently. 


In an effort to transform a grim encounter into something more positive, and as a big fu*k you to the aforementioned audience members, we’re now going to use this post as an opportunity to plug Obioma’s book, The Problem with My Normal Penis: Myths of Race, Sex and Masculinity, which you can read about here and order here


You can also see the Twitter thread below: