Fourth man arrested and charged in connection to Samuel Luiz murder in Spain


Slowly but surely the Policía Nacional in Spain are closing in on the gang that murdered 24-year-old Samuel Luiz in a brutal homophobic attack that has rocked the country. 


Using surveillance camera footage they have now charged a fourth man with murder, having identified him as being friends with he three already in custody. The police are also looking at mobile phone footage of the murder and interviewing people who were there at the scene.


The killing of Samuel Luiz sparked outrage throughout Spain, with protests in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia putting pressure on the police to find the assailants and charge them quickly.


Details of the murder are beyond shocking and the escalation from a minor homophobic altercation to Luiz being set upon by twelve-strong gang egging each other on is terrifying. Let us hope that the Spanish police round up every last one of them