First transgender news anchor make debut on Bangladeshi TV


We at GLUE make it our business to highlight the discrimination and hardships that LGBTQI+ people experience all around the world. It is also important however to document the positive moves as well.


This week in Bangladesh, the country’s first trans news anchor took to the screens and she killed it. Tashnuva Anan Shishir survived bullying, assault and had even attempted suicide before making her triumphant TV debut on a private station Boishakhi TV on International Women’s Day. 


Shishir, 29, said ‘I continued studies despite enduring hundreds of insults day after day. All I had in mind is that I should continue my study’.


She isn’t the first transgender presenter in the region however, with Marvia Malik anchoring a show in Pakistan and Padmini Prakash heading up a daily show in India since 2014.