First look at American Horror Story Season 10 drops right when we need it most


One thing that people have turned to for comfort in these troubled times is the the macabre, the horrific.


Indeed there was even a skit on Saturday Night Live recently (see below) poking fun at the very fact that murder shows bring some sort of comfort during this unsettled era.


The revelation of the theme of a new series of AHS is a closely monitored secret, a drip feed designed to keep fans guessing until the big reveal. Whilst we already know most of the cast, this new season seems to be based around the sea.


Show creator Ryan Murphy likes to separate his seasons, taking a different horror trope and basing the whole story around it. He’s done everything from circus’ to the occult, vampires and even aliens but never sea creatures. 


We would totally be here for monsters from the depths as the latest theme so will be holding onto our barnacles in anticipation. 


KEVIN! Oh wait no that’s not Kevin McAllister, it’s Macauley Culkin in his new role on AHS Season 10!