Fans demand apologies amid new Britney documentary storm


Britney Spears’ fans are fiercely loyal to the 39 year old and a new documentary (airing on FX in the US) focusses on the #freebritney movement and how the pop icons assets have been under her father Jamie’s control since 2008.


It was a tough time for Britney as she also had her visitation rights to her kids Sean Preston and Jayden removed, all of which is show in Framing Britney Spears


The documentary charts the darker side of Britney’s career path since being sexualised as a teenager and the ensuing problems that arose from that.


Notable highlights of the documentary include Justin Timberlake’s treatment of her post break-up in 2002 and a highly contentious interview with Diane Sawyer in 2003. Both of which fans deem as unfair on the 39-year-old singer and think that she deserves apologies from both of them.