Fabulous and fit at 40! GLUE meets Austin Wolf

Photography: Tony Valadez


Ranked the number 1 gay porn star on Pornhub, with a staggering 74 million views and counting, chances are you’re already (intimately) familiar with Austin Wolf. An Onlyfans pioneer, business CEO (Wolf owns 4My.fans)  and one of the industries most popular gay creators, Austin has firmly cemented himself as a main player in the gay adult entertainment world.


Austin quickly built a popular following in the industry, becoming known for his ripped and hunky physique, Daddy-esque looks and – much to the delight of many of his fans – his consistently top sexual positioning. GLUE caught up with the star ahead of his big 40th (yeah, he’s 40) Birthday to talk celebrations, porn (obviously), and what’s happening in his world right now! 


First of all: Happy Birthday! Have you got any plans for the big bash? I guess it depends on where you are in the world right now and what the rules happen to be?


I’m taking this one easy and spending time with my boyfriend on a remote island later this month, just enjoying one another and being grateful. Forty is a big number for me and although I’m glad to see another year, man is that number BIG!


So true. If you could have had any 40th birthday celebration you could, what would it have looked like?


Honestly, a big bash in Texas with family and friends with great food, no fear of Covid watching my hilarious family and friends laugh, dance and highlight how fortunate I am to have them all.


So, you are the number 1 porn star on Pornhub right now, Does that kind of thing mean a lot to you? Do you think that sort of porn is starting to look dated?


It’s genuinely a real honor to receive that level of affirmation and adoration from around the world. These fans have genuinely transformed my life and my future, thank you. There will always be room for studio porn because it’s an adult form of storytelling and thankfully it’s a story that people enjoy viewing. I do think there will be some restructuring of the industry, but that’s basic evolution.


The money is of course in platforms like OnlyFans now. Are you still doing studio movies or will you only be producing exclusive content for your own version from now on?


I have been a studio exclusive for a few studios in my career and currently and exclusive for CockyBoys which has been great!  I appreciate the art of storytelling and fantasy fulfilment so I personally like having both Studio and Fans Content. I’m the creator of 4My.fans so that is the home of ALL of my content and it will continue to get exclusives and even has some of my CockyBoys content.



Is studio porn dead? Studios wont even be able to financially compete with what top content creators can earn so is there point to it?


It’s not dead I hope but man has the balance of revenue for the models shifted drastically since I started the first adult content page on OnlyFans. I think more changes are coming and how models and studios work together will evolve as a result, that’s my prediction.


How about for up and coming porn stars that dont have the followers to make money on OnlyFans, would you advise doing studio porn first?


Technically you’re not a porn star until public demand says that you are. There are more ways to get there now than ever before and yes Studio work is one way, just be very aware of your contracts, financials and environment. It may be sex and fun at times but remember it’s a business and manage it as such.


Photography: Tony Valadez


Social media is so important right now. Do you do all of them including TikTok?


Social media is key that is for sure! I am on most sites but my favorite is ClubHouse at the moment, I’m meeting sooo many new and different people and building amazing and unsuspecting relationships as a result. 


Youve talked before about your family being accepting and how you consider porn something good to give to the world. What would you say to critics who say its exploitative or that young people should think long and hard about putting something out there that they would never be able to take back?


Nudity and sex is often made into this negative situation when it’s the foundation of who we are and our future existence. Mankind will find ways to judge and young people should make decisions that they can truly live with. I love what I do but I also manage it as a business. After 10 years in the business now, make smart choices it’s imperative.


So, you are now 40, what would you say to a 20-year-old you? Would you have ever imagined you would be here now?


I would say, you don’t know as much as you think you know, be curious, ask questions, be open and willing to learn new things. Tomorrow isn’t promised so live in the moment and try to have as few regrets as possible.



Thank you so much for chatting to us and being so candid! And a very Happy Birthday to you, handsome! 

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