Euphoria actor wants Nate to get a boyfriend, plus everything we know about season 3

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Our Euphoria obsession only continues to grow…


If, like us, you were left gagged at that highly-anticipated Euphoria season 2 ending, then you will probably, like us, be wondering how long you have to wait for a season 3. 


The second run of Euphoria came in hard, with the first episode becoming the “most viewed episode of a HBO series ever on HBO Max, currently with more than 14 million viewers across platforms”. Euphoria is now officially HBO’s second most-watched show, behind Game of Thrones. 


While HBO confirmed at the beginning of February that the drama will be coming back for a third season, it remains unclear whether there will be a wait or if the follow-up season would be pushed, as is the norm, in an annual cycle.


COVID-19 halted season 2 production – although their were two ‘specials’ released to bridge the gap – which pushed the release date later than expected. However with COVID restrictions being lifted in most places, it may return to a standard programming schedule this time around. The exact release date has not been announced yet, although Twitter users seem convinced we might be waiting until 2024. 

In terms of cast featuring in season 3, we can hopefully expect the return of most regulars, with the exception of certainly at least one (barring flashbacks).

We’re expecting to see series regulars Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Angus Cloud, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow, Nika King, Storm Reid, and Austin Abrams again, but we’ll have to wait for official confirmation from HBO.


As the announcement of season 3 was confirmed, Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO programming, thanked the show’s cast and crew for taking the show to “extraordinary heights, challenging narrative convention and form”, as well as “maintaining its heart”. Continuing: “We couldn’t be more honoured to work with this gifted, wildly talented team or more excited to continue our journey with them into season 3”, Orsi said.


Meanwhile HBO’s Casey Bloys discussed the future of Euphoria beyond season 3 with TVLine, saying: “I will let [exec producer] Sam [Levinson] and Zendaya talk about [that]. I’m very excited about what they’ve got planned [for Season 3]. So I will leave that to them. I will say, generally speaking, we trust where they want to take these characters. So we’ll let the creative team lead the way.”


Although plotlines for Season 3 are tightly under wraps, members of the cast have been vocal about the direction they’d like to see their character take. 


Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi, told Entertainment Weekly she “totally” wants to see more of Lexi and Fez’s relationship in the third season, adding that it’s “very refreshing” to see a bond so “innocent and sweet” between them, especially in contrast to the sometimes harsher narratives explored in the rest of the show. She added, “I think Angus is such a great actor, and we just have so much fun working together. So for selfish reasons, I hope we get to do more scenes together because it’s fun.”


Meanwhile, actor Eric Dane, who plays Cal Jacobs, hinted that there will be atonement for his character in season 3. “There’s gonna be redemption”, the actor suggested. “I mean, that’s the trajectory he’s on. I can’t imagine Cal’s life from solitary confinement. It’s tough to work Cal into the storyline when he’s behind bars.”



Speaking to Variety, Chloe Cherry, who plays big-lipped fan favourite Faye, said she would like to see her character bond more with Ru (Zendaya): “I think Faye has a story of addiction to tell as Rue does; even though it’s different, I think that they could learn something from each other”, the star said. “I also think Rue is a non-judgmental character, and I think that is all Faye needs. I think if they got closer, they would get along because they have these shared experiences and they are both chill girls in spite of it.”


Then, of course, there is Nate. The sexually conflicted bad boy who left many gays either hating him or wanting to hate fu*k him.

Speaking to Nerds of Color, actor Austin Abrams, who plays Ethan Daley in the show, has said he would like Nate to explore his sexuality with a boyfriend in future episodes. “I don’t even know what that would look like but I would love to do a scene with him,” said Abrams.

“I know, bad idea, but I wanna see… I don’t even know what that interaction would look like.

“That’d be such a weird interaction, especially after doing the play. I don’t know, I just wonder how he’d react to my character.”


The star goes on to say that he would like “someone to be happy” in season three, then adding: “I would love Nate to like… I don’t know, maybe he needs a boyfriend or something nice.”

“maybe even a fantasy episode, where he goes on a nice date and has a picnic or something.”


We are in complete agreement that we would like Nate’s future storylines to feature lots of gay love. Thank you. 


You can watch the first two seasons in the UK on NOWTV or in the US on HBO Max. Trailers below: