Dua Lipa unfollows and condemns Da Baby’s anti-HIV/AIDS comments whilst T.I. defends him


Well the is turning into a right shit show. After rapper DaBaby made some rather damaging homophobic comments on stage, he then ‘clarified’ his words basically being just anti-HIV/AIDS instead.

This was clearly too much for Dua Lipa, who’s track Levitating featuring DaBaby is flying high all over the world and she has released a statement condemning his actions as well as unfollowing him on Instagram. Here’s the statement:

Dua Lipa unfollows and condemns Da Baby’s anti-HIV/AIDS comments whilst T.I. defends him

What this means for Levitating is anyone’s guess. There are calls for Da Baby’s rap to be replaced by Megan Thee Stallion or Lil Nas X and Victoria Monet has offered up her services.


One person who we can pretty much guarantee won’t be collaborating with Dua on this one is the rapper T.I. who has come out in support of DaBaby, saying that his comments are akin to Lil Nas X living his truth. Err how is that then?


In a statement on social media, T.I. said ‘For instance, the Lil Nas X shit. The performances and video, man I got a lot of respect for bruh because he had the courage to live his truth, but that shit ain’t for me… Just can’t look at it… And I don’t want my children seeing it, either’


He then went on to try and explain these comments a bit more, and why he dragged Lil Nas X’s name into this mess, saying: ‘If you have a Lil Nas X video, and him living his truth, you gone damn sure have people like DaBaby who are going to speak they truth. There ain’t nothing wrong with none of that. It ain’t got to be no hate, it’s all honesty.”


One thing that you can be sure of is that this mess isn’t going away any time soon. Just in case you needed to see it again, here’s DaBaby’s non-apology (below). What we do know is that none of this is Dua’s fault and the song is at least nine months old now so we are happy with her response and will leave the rest of them to fight it out. 


Sadly what this all proves again is that, as Lil Nas X says, homophobia is alive and well in the rap community, something he challenges on a daily bias in his work.