Drag Race UK stars join campaign against Commonwealth anti-gay laws


The Commonwealth, of which The Queen is head, has 54 sovereign states and shockingly in 35 of them homosexuality is still illegal with some even carrying the death penalty. 

Drag Race UK stars Tayce and A’Whora are new faces of the Bluebella Pride lingerie collection with all the proceeds going to non-profit organisation the Kaleidoscope Trust who campaign for queer people wherever they are discriminated against in the world. 

Bluebella Pride say: ‘We are campaigning to apply pressure on those 35 countries to repeal these oppressive laws which thwart lives, perpetuate misery and exacerbate the impacts of the HIV/AIDS crisis. The Bluebella Pride Campaign is all about celebrating Gay Pride in the UK this summer, but it’s also important to note that in several countries in the world LGBT people face being arrested and thrown in prison for being openly gay.”

While Britain has some of the most inclusive LGBTQ+ laws in the world, they didn’t used to and when travelling round the world creating the Commonwealth years ago, they had archaic ideas about homosexuality which unfortunately are the ones many countries uphold today.