Disney steers parks (and company) in new gender inclusive direction

Two Disney loving lads in the MarriedWithMickeyTee

As anyone who’s worked for Disney knows, either at parks or even in the stores, if you are upfront and customer facing you are called a ‘cast’ member in a nod to the whole Disney experience being a ‘show’.

It’s also no surprise that LGBTQ+ people LOVE Disney, despite there being little representation at best and somewhat negative connotations at worst. It’s also well known how, due to the company’s age, some racially inappropriate depictions have been embedded in their beloved movies for decades. 

The Disney Parks, Experiences and Products chairman, Josh D’Amaro is taking things in a positive new directions saying “And we want our cast members – and future cast members – to feel a sense of belonging at work’

He continued “Our new approach provides greater flexibility with respect to forms of personal expression surrounding gender-inclusive hairstyles, jewellery, nail styles, and costume choices; and allowing appropriate visible tattoos”

Disney had already announced last year that the Splash Mountain attraction would change its theme from Song of the South (which is now seen as racially insensitive) to the far more inclusive Princess and the Frog. Also new movie starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson, Jungle Cruise, will also have any “negative depictions of native people” removed as well.