When you think of Disney, you don’t exactly think of LGBT representations. In fact, sometime the opposite. Things seem to be getting better and now we have face to put to that improvement. 


You might remember British actress Erin Kellyman from Solo: A Star Wars Story which although was the considered to be the only box office bomb in the Star Wars universe, it was still a fine intergalactic romp and Kellyman was a stand out character. 


Now starring in Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is another Disney+ exclusive asset and currently garnering rave reviews as it hits mid-season, she has set LGBT hearts a flutter with her no nonsense approach to being gay. 


One look at her or her girlfriend Jordan O’Coy’s Instagram feed and you’ll see a couple very much out and very much in love and we are living for how cute they are.


I mean we’d never say ‘cute’ to Kellyman’s face as anyone who’s seen her kick seven shades of Marvel-ass as the leader of a bunch of renegade super soldiers will see she’s not to be messed with. Well done to the House of Mouse for ushering in change, no matter how small. 



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