Diana Ross is BACK with brand new lockdown album ‘Thank You’


You can’t keep a good diva down, even in lockdown!


Ladies in pop have been good to us this past pandemic year (and then some), what with Dua, Gaga and Kylie all putting out killer albums and the latter collaborating with both of the former in some truly class cross over chaos. 


No to be outdone by these young’uns is one of the OG divas, Miss Diana Ross, who clearly wasn’t content to sit on her ass binge watching series after series and boozing in the afternoon like the rest of us. 


With 14 new tracks including the single Thank You, Ross has dedicated it all to her fans for their lifetime of support. At 77 she was due to headline Glastonbury last year and wrote on social media that she wasn’t able to tour again until next year.


Only recently she narrowly missed the top spot for the best Pride anthem of all time with I’m Coming Out but she is, and always will be, a gay ICON. 


Thank YOU Miss Ross.