Cruella’s 2021 inclusivity “ruined my childhood” – homophobia lives and breathes on social media


“Will Christians please stand up?” Here we go…

The 2021 Emma Stone remake of Cruella is out, and comes with Disney’s ‘first’ live action queer character as John McCrea plays the owner of a vintage shop who becomes friends with Estelle, aka Cruella.

The movie has been met with rave reviews both for performances and its notable queer inclusion within the storyline, although the latter appears to have left some homophobes people pressed upset.

Enter right-wing Twitter pundit Omar Navarro, who is currently running for the seat of California’s 43rd congressional district (against Maxine Waters) and has publicly, on multiple occasions, opposed LGBT+ rights.

Deep breaths now…

Actor John Stamos was quick to clap-back (hooray) with the following:

Clearly enjoying the attention the tweets were provoking, of course, he retweeted John’s clap back and the subsequent news stories which ran in publications like US Weekly.  That’s why we’ve left his name off the heading and post tags here, and mentioned it only once in the article. 

It stands to reason that there will always be pockets of hate and intolerance within society. With social media that intolerance can often, unfortunately, also come with a 224,000 strong audience. 

Happy Pride month!

Cruella is awesome and it’s out now in theatres and on Disney+. Trailer below:


  1. I’ll never understand why leaving sexualized topics out of kids movies is intolerant, nor how a stereotypical flamboyantly gay character is inclusivity. Does Hollywood not know that most gay people aren’t that flamboyant, if we can’t entertain you with our identity I guess we have no value.

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