Cruella is OUT TOMORROW! Disney prequel drops with first live action queer character


This is NOT a drill. Cruella drops tomorrow! 

As blockbuster movies find a new home on streaming platforms at the same time as they get released at the cinema, us lucky viewers can decide just how we want to watch the latest flick. 

Step forward Cruella which we’ve been looking forward to for some time now. At last it gets released tomorrow at cinemas up and down the land as well as on Disney+, albeit with that pesky extra charge. 

The reviews are out and they all point to a couple of thunderous performances by Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. We’re getting De Vil Wears Prada vibes in this high fashion based caper which includes Disney first ever live action queer character.

John McCrea will join the cast as he plays the owner of a vintage shop who becomes friends with Emma Stone’s Estelle, aka Cruella.

Obviously Disney’s character-base is historically littered with queers, they’ve just been a bit more ‘unspoken’, shall we say. McCrea clearly said in a recent interview “It depends on who you’re asking I suppose – but for me, yes, it’s official: he’s queer.”

Check out the trailers below: