Conversion therapy ban gains traction in UK with debate in Parliament


Last year British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed that he would work towards a total ban on conversion therapy in the UK. He said the practise was ‘abhorrent’ and had ‘no place in this country’.


Next week, the Commons will debate a government  e-petition to have it made a criminal offence to practise conversion therapy on anyone who is considered LGBT. This includes people who are trans as well as sending someone away to another country to receive the ‘treatment’.


The petition has garnered over a quarter of a million signatures and will be led by Conservative MP and Petitions Committee member Elliot Colburn.


It has been over a 1000 days since then PM Theresa May vowed to follow through on her promise of a ban in the 2018 LGBTQ+ Action Plan. There has been a pandemic in the mean time so it’s good to see the debate at last hitting the floor of Parliament on the March 8th. 


Not sure who’s going to be ‘debating’ to keep it legal exactly so it hopefully will be pretty plain sailing.