YAS, DIOR! Chinese transgender star Jin Xing will front new fragrance campaign


Dior is collaborating with Jin Xing for a campaign promoting the brand’s J’adore fragrance.

The luxury brand and global power-haus announced the news via their Weibo account with a video where Jin Xing talks about female empowerment.

Xing is no stranger to the spotlight, already being a well-known name with a huge social media following and her own talk show, but this still makes for a wonderful appointment from a top luxury brand like Dior in China, where LGBT+ issues are still a taboo subject in some areas and the rights of transgender people are only partially recognised.

Jin – the first person in China to go public about undergoing gender-reassignment surgery in 1995 – boasts an impressive 100 MILLION viewers a week on her talk show, earning her the nickname ‘the Oprah of China’. 

“Women have a very critical role in modern society, in places as small as a family and as big as a country,” Xing says in the Weibo video.

“Therefore I think it is very important for women to stay independent. I only hope everyone can live as their own selves, this way we will make the world an abundant place.

“Do not compare yourself to others. Come up with your own way of thinking to create a colourful and varied world.”

Check out the video below. Congrats, Jin!