Christina Aguilera drops new Pride collection inc. sweatshirts, tank tops and masks. Is obv iconic.


Yo, Christina! What? “Fighters gonna be looking fly this pride!!”

I should prefix this article with the following: I bloody love Christina Aguilera. 

Just yesterday I listened to her fundamentals inc. Fighter, You Lost Me, and Come on Over, along with the underrated numbers such as Not Myself Tonight, Slow Down Baby and more. I was FUMING that in her essentials playlist on Apple Music (my Spotify Premium ran out, don’t judge) the version of Say Something they include isn’t even the version that she features on. A strongly worded letter almost got (hand) written with lots of capital letters. 

Yes, in the 00’s I was a rare breed of being both a Britney AND Christina fan, in unison. A stan of both iconic queens. 

Anyway, am I making this all about me? Whoops. 

The pop diva and former Voice US Judge has just announced a partnership with two trans-led organizations for her brand new Pride collection.

On Instagram she said:

“I am also proud to support TransTech Social Enterprises and Trans Lash two organizations doing such important work for the community”, Xtina said on her Instagram post.

The merchandise features an Xtina rainbow mesh tank, Xtina underwear, sweats, a pink lip mask, sweatshirts, retro cassette tapes and more! It’s queer AF, basically, and we’re living for it. Take a look right here!

She’s not the only diva bringing it for Pride either. Enter Mariah Carey, who started doing Pride merch in 2017 (fkng queen sh*t) and has extended her line for 2021 because she wants to ‘celebrate your fabulosity, dahlings’.

Step up, queens. Step tf up. 

Added fun pop-fact: Fall in Line – Xtina’s duet with Demi Lovato – just turned 3 years old. Aww. Here’s a video of them both belting it out at the Billboard Awards in 2018: