Chrissy Teigen dropped by Bloomingdales and Macy’s as Courtney Stodden trolling backlash rolls on


Part of Chrissy Teigen’s brand is her honest, straight talking personality where she doesn’t shy away from her sometimes brutal truths.

Unfortunately for Chrissy, 35, her past behaviour has come back and bitten her squarely in the ass. We reported recently that Courtney Stodden, 26, has come out as non-binary and it seems like they have a lot more to say.

Talking about the process they are going through in writing their autobiography, Courtney revealed that at the age of 16/17 she was being horrifically bullied by Chrissy Teigen.

With tweets running the gamut of hideous insults including DMs telling her to kill herself (WTAF?!), the trolling from Teigen was real and directed at a minor who was going through trauma at the time in a marriage with a man in his 50s. 

Teigen has since apologised publicly saying she is ‘mortified’ and also claimed she had reached out privately to Stodden which they then claimed wasn’t true. Stodden it seems isn’t quite ready to forgive and forget – and nor are the companies Teigen has lucrative deals with.

Target had already stopped working with her last December but now Macy’s has stopped carrying her cookware line and a planned event with Bloomingdales has just been cancelled. 

How Teigen weathers this shit-storm is anyone’s guess but calls for her to be ‘banned’ are growing by the day. The tweets to Stodden were from 2011 and make for pretty appalling reading (we are not putting them up here as there is some triggering language in them) but will Teigen then become the victim of cancel culture when we are supposed to be being more kind to people who have apologised for past misdemeanours? Only time will tell.