Celeb friends rally as GoFundMe page is set up to save ailing Nikki Grahame


One of the UK’s most beloved reality TV stars, Nikki Grahame, 38, has long since suffered with the eating disorder anorexia. She has discussed it openly in the past with candour. 


Now, like so many in this difficult past year, it seems the current situation has only exacerbated her mental health problems and her pals have had to reach out to the public in order to help her.  


Nikki rose to fame in Big Brother in 2006 and her antics have brought joy to millions over the years. When memes came along, she became the queen of them with seemingly endless applications for her various hilarious histrionic actions and catchphrases.  


Her friends have set up a GoFundMe page here but we will warn you that the pictures are distressing. Celeb pals such as Rylan Clark-Neal and Vanessa Feltz have donated and publicly shown their support for their friend. 


As always, if you or a close friend or family member are suffering in any way, please do reach out. We hope Nikki gets all the help she needs and gets better soon. 


Help, advice and support for people with eating disorders, or friends and family who are affected, is available from SEED. Please call 01482 718130 or visit them here