Wow. Yes you read that right. Once again the Catholic Church has shown how outdated, offensive and poisonous it has become.


Reports that American Catholics are leaving the doctrine in droves due to their multitude of errors in recent memory are hardly surprising. In the last few weeks alone they have brought more shame on themselves with their archaic and anti-humanitarian standpoints. 


Now we hear that the Catholic Church was secretly opposed and worked to undermine the creation of not only a National Suicide Hotline but also the Violence Against Women Act. What possible reason can there be for this? Well, because ingrained in both those bodies is LGBTQ support which the Church is against. yup, opposed to even supporting suicidal or battered women because they are LGBTQ. 


If you also include their opposition to the Equality Act (which would amend federal civil rights law to include prohibitions for discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity) then it becomes clear that it basically wants free rein to discriminate against LGBTQ people without impunity. Love thy neighbour right? Disgraceful. 


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