Using religion as an excuse to perpetrate bigotry and lies is no new thing and is extremely prevalent right now in the USA. 

The irony of using teachings of acceptance, love and forgiveness to make people feel marginalised, discriminated against and sinful seems to be lost on a daily basis. But then the absurdity of following serial heinous sinner Trump like he’s the second coming just seems to add to the hypocrisy 

One particular culprit, LifeSiteNews, a Catholic website with strong anti-LGBTQ+ and pro life sensibilities, has come unstuck with its constant misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic.  Already the proud owners of a  YouTube ban, they can now add a permanent ban from Facebook to their accomplishments. 

Misinformation on social media is what helped add to the huge pandemic death toll in the USA so it’s a little bit too late for the ban to make much difference on that front. For a nation where literally millions of people are living in collective mass delusion that the election was rigged, promoted by one deranged old man, the problems are piling up higher than the dead bodies. 

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