Hold the phones! Or rather, pick up your phones and get finding that perfect ass pic that you longed to display on your Grindr profile but have never been allowed to… until now!


The dating app has finally decided that now is the time to set your bussy free. Way back in November 2020, Grindr announced that undie snaps would henceforth be permitted seeing as previous guidelines banning underwear pics made zero sense since they DID allow skimpy speedo pics.


Grindr announced the news on a blog post, saying: “When creating our rules and guidelines, we concentrated first on ways to remove bias and discrimination from the moderation process as much as possible. We recognize that assessments of how sexual a photo is can be influenced by common gender biases: how much skin someone shows, how much body hair they are expected to have, how the fat on their body is distributed, etc.”


When being more specific about the ass snaps, Grindr continued: “If they are non-graphic and without an overly sexual context” and “people of all bodies (all ethnicities, all sizes, all genders, and all identities) expressing their sexuality joyfully” as they hook up.”

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Now if you were still wondering what’s allowed and what isn’t, see below a handy infographic that is sure to clarify how far you can go in your peachy profile pic! And while you’re at it you may as well get that ass ship shape with a good butt scrub HERE.

Bum’s the word: Butt shots now allowed on Grindr profile pics
Bum’s the word: Butt shots now allowed on Grindr profile pics

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