B*tch please! 50-year-old Pennsylvania mom arrested for creating cheerleader deepfakes


Sometimes a story comes along that you just live for.


An American woman has been arrested in Pennsylvania for using deepfake technology to create compromising pictures and videos of members of her daughter’s cheerleading team and distributing them to officials. ¬†


Let’s just let that sink in for a sec.¬†Giving us full on I, Tonya vibes and a mug shot to die¬†for, Raffaela Spone¬†‚Äėcreated deepfake images of daughter‚Äôs cheerleader rivals to get them kicked off team‚Äô.


Spone allegedly sent fake images and videos to the squad’s coaches including depicting the girls naked, drinking, or smoking (and even VAPING!) to force them off the team. She also stands accused of sending the manipulated material anonymously to the girls themselves¬†urging them to kill themselves, according to¬†The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Victims were members of the Victory Vipers cheerleading squad based in the Doylestown area of Bucks County. Spone denies all charges despite a detailed  investigation leading officers to her house where they found evidence of the photos and deepfake technology on her phone.


There is no evidence that her daughter knew of her plot but if they don’t make a movie about this then we’re going to be very upset. This has Oscar written all over it, but who would take the lead role? Our money’s on one of the Jennifers. ¬†Lopez, Aniston or Esposito would all kill for a role as juicy as this. ¬†