Broadcaster Alan Carr endures veiled Twitter homophobia after covering BBC Breakfast Show


The BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show is the most listened to show in the UK and the jewel in the internationally acclaimed broadcasting network’s radio crown.


Zoe Ball became the first woman to present the show, winning the coveted role in Jan 2019. This week, national treasure Alan Carr began covering some of her shows while she went on annual leave.


As always, the trolls took to the Twitter-verse to air their grievances with cheap shots taken wherever possible. Carr’s cheeky brand of humour and his personality is deliciously camp, opening up himself to criticism for some reason in 2021.


Despite how far the UK has come as a nation, someone’s race or sexuality always seems to be a stick by which they can be beaten. This is why education in schools and exposure to diversity from a young age is so important as it will stamp out even the notion that different is bad from the word go.