After last week’s earth shattering testimony from Britney Spears, she jetted off on holiday with her boyfriend Sam Ashgari… but it wasn’t long before the paps found them.


Britney’s relationship with the paparazzi has been like going back to bad boyfriend over and over again. You think you need them in moments of weakness but you really don’t… and then they post pics of you online as well. 


We took a deep dive into Britney’s statement last week but it doesn’t take a detective to surmise that the couple’s location was leaked, possibly by someone within the conservatorship. This isn’t going to be a short or an easy fight so getting those jabs in early will no doubt appeal to them. Lord knows their humanity has long since left the building. 


Britney’s not taking it lying down though, and at 39 is eschewing her previous non-sweary sensibilities and letting rip with a strongly worded Instagram post all set to the dulcet tones of the Lily Allen classic Fuck You. We stand by you Britney, you tell ’em.




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