Britain’s first LGBT retirement home to open in London


For the first time in the UK, an LGBT+ specific old age facility is to open in the capital. Where abouts? Vauxhall of course!


Anyone with experience of gay life in London will know that Vauxhall is a bit of a hub. In fact that is the location of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern where Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury famously took an incognito Princess Diana for a night on the tiles. 


This summer, the first residents are expected to move into some of the 19 flats available at Bankhouse, thanks to a £5.7 million loan from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 


A growing number of older people have expressed feeling frightened or unable to talk about being LGBT+ in care and retirement homes so this is great new for the community. 


The one or two-bedroom flats not only overlook the River Thames but they will also have a restaurant, floating garden, roof terrace and even a bar with casino nights and drag shows. Erm, when can we move in please? 

Hopefully LGBT retirement homes will be a bit like this