Billy Eichner to write and star in first ever gay romcom from a major studio

Billy Eichner. Copyright Michael Buckner/Variety/Shutterstock

Gay romantic comedies used to be a sub genre resigned to little indie flicks or a badly subtitled affair right at the bottom of Netflix. Well no more! 


Ever since the eighties and nineties, having a gay character to play the best pal or comedy side kick in big budget was par for the course. Surely the epitome of this was My Best Friend’s Wedding where Julia Roberts drafts in her GBF Rupert Everett who camps it up a storm.


Now however we are in a more sophisticated time where visibility and inclusivity are the order of the the day. One of the stars of hit US comedy Parks and Recreation, Billy Eichner, has announced that he is to co-write, produce and star in Universal backed gay romcom Bros.   


As well as delivering the ground breaking news, he also had a few choice to words to say about his old manager “f**k my manager in 2006 who told me to be less gay because a big agent was coming to my show” and revealed that the cast will include “as many openly LGBT+ actors as possible.