Backlash over Sia’s artistic movie misfire gathers momentum with new petition


It’s no secret that Kiwi singer songwriter Sia has gotten herself into bit of hot water with her debut movie Music. In case you missed it, the problem here is that she cast her creative muse Maddy Zeigler, who is not autistic, to play a non-verbal autistic teenager. 


The National Autism Association has deemed Sia’s directing and Zeigler’s performance in the movie as ‘dangerous and abusive’. After an initial backlash, Sia didn’t help herself with some rather testy Twitter exchanges. Sia apologised in January saying she had listened to the’ wrong people’.


Zeigler was only 14 at the time when making the much delayed film so critics are laying the blame squarely on Sia’s front door. 


A new petition calling for the movie to be cancelled has garnered over 50k signatures in just 24 hours.


Along with the films cancellation, the critics are calling for the recent Golden Globe nominations to be rescinded. Music is up for Best Film (Musical or Comedy) and Best Actress for Kate Hudson. To be fair, James Corden is up for Best Actor for his ‘performance’ in Prom so the bar is clearly pretty low this year.