Austin Wolf causes a stir and exposes fan’s prejudices promoting new scene with Adrian Zuki

Austin Wolf and Adrian Zuki (pic @austinwolfff Instagram)

Austin Wolf is a world renowned porn star and a friend of GLUE (you can read his awesome interview with us here) and he’s thrilling¬†audiences once again with his new scene for with Adrian Zuki, the self described ‘smallest gay performer’.


Reading the comments on his post promoting the porn scene, it’s clear that some fans ‘disagree’ with two consenting adults performing a sex scenes together, some even going as far as to say it’s akin to ‘pedophilia’ which is, of course, absurd. Other fans leapt to Wolf’s defence, reminding critics that Zuki is a muscled, tattooed-up performer with a huge fan base of his own.¬†


Porn is a personal thing. What you choose to watch, what kinks you like, what actors or scenarios you enjoy are totally up to you. Performers of differing sizes is hardly anything new, especially not in straight porn so as with most things, if it ain’t your thing – you don’t have to watch.