Asian American comedians come out fighting amid surge in racist attacks


Bisexual comedy and acting ledge Margaret Cho has said she feels like a target as violence against Asian Americans surges in the US. 


The murder of six Asian women, the beating of elderly Chinatown residents in San Francisco amid a terrifying rash of  country-wide attacks has brought the community to its knees. 


Appearing on the Ebony & Ivory podcast, hosted by Monét X Change and Lady Bunny, Cho said ‘As an older Asian woman, it’s actually like, it’s hard out there for people like me. It’s very much like being the target.’


Over on Saturday Night Live this weekend, ‘Asian Cast Member’ Bowen Yang (billed as such for comedy value) took on more of a fighting tone (see below), visibly and understandably furious at attacks on old ladies. I mean, old ladies FFS?!


The blame for this escalation is being placed squarely at the golden trotters of Donald Trump and his Republican cronies who have consistently blamed the pandemic on Asia, using incendiary racist language like calling Covid-19 the ‘kung-flu’ and the ‘China virus’.


This sort of rhetoric trickles down to his rabid supporters creating a toxic and dangerous environment surrounding what is already a hot button issue in America.