Anti-LGBT pastor’s hate spewing channel finally gets kicked off YouTube


Nigeria is one of the most hazardous places in the world to be LGBTQ+ with most of the country openly homophobic and religion being the main factor. 

Any sanctions or criticism from other nations are met with derision and exclamations that the ‘gay agenda’ is trying to be forced on a God fearing people. We discussed it in part in our news piece here

This week, You Tube finally stepped up and closed down the Nigerian pastor TB Joshua’s channel after a multitude of reports since its inception in 2016. Only 5 years of spreading hate then eh! 

Not only did the channel feature videos of the preacher performing extreme conversion techniques as well as ‘violent exorcisms’ in which he was attempting to rid his victim of the ‘demon of homosexuality’.

One has to wonder how long this channel would have been allowed to exist if it was depicting extreme terrorist views and content? Probably a bit less than FIVE YEARS we’d wager. Sigh. 

Watch below Nigerian American Ifeoma Fafunwa in a very powerful talk that we should all see: