Anti-LGBT laws in Hungary now threaten their favourite TV shows


As we touched on yesterday, the newly passed anti-LGBT laws in Hungary have attracted international condemnation and it seems the clamour is only getting louder. 


The Hungarian law bans the ‘depiction or promotion of homosexuality to those under 18’. The main controversy centres on a single paragraph in the otherwise widely backed law against paedophiles (OF COURSE) which passed almost unanimously by the Hungarian parliament on 16 June.


Erasing LGBT culture seems to be a bit trickier than they had envisaged, with teachers struggling to get their heads around how the law works in practise. Commercial TV channel RTL Klub states that popular series such as Friends, Modern Family and Will & Grace will have to be shown after the 10pm watershed. 


Due to queer inclusion, even in kids TV shows nowadays, that won’t leave much left to show the rest of the day. The law was touted as being ‘pro-family’ but where the hell do they think gay people spring from? Gestated within Gaga-esque pods, bursting forth in a rainbow flourish of fabulousness? 


The UK and fourteen EU governments including Germany, France, Spain and Ireland have all condemned the law as a’ flagrant form of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression’. Hungary has been part of the EU since 2004 but the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, says they will be examining the law for any breach of EU law. 


As we have said, time and again, the vital importance of this year’s Pride seems to pervade all aspects of modern life. As inclusion, equality and visibility increasingly permeate cultures all over the world, bigotry, fear and hatred rises up to meet it. In some places it may feel like the war has been won, in others, however, it’s only just beginning.