The situation for trans people, especially trans kids, seems to be going from bad to worse in the USA and companies are starting to take action, including those owned by America’s first trans billionaire Jennifer Pritzker.

After the state passed the legislation similar to that which we has already gone through in Florida, Pritzker (who’s family own the Hyatt hotel chain) said: ‘As a transgender woman, these unnecessary and hurtful laws are personal to me. As a businesswoman, my larger concern is the impact they will have on Tennessee’s reputation and, ultimately, economic well-being, as businesses and tourists turn elsewhere.’

The billionaire business woman and former army sergeant was an advocate for Trump in 2016 but withdrew her support after passed the law banning trans people from the military.

Of the new laws she added: “No state benefits from the perception that it is an intolerant and unwelcome place for people of different backgrounds, and it alarms me gravely to see this state vying for the title of least inclusive in the nation.”

An open letter was signed recently by 184 companies and businesses including Amazon, Dell, Pilot, Nissan and the Warner Music Group threatening to move out of the state if the 15 anti LGBTQ+ bills put forward by Republican lawmakers are passed. These laws include seeking to ban LGBTQ+ content from school textbooks as well as brestitiin hormone therapy for minors. 

Why don’t they just create anti-LGBTQ+ zones as we all know how well they went down in Poland. As if we are comparing the two in 2021? Shameful. 

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