Brand Beckham has always been synonymous with LGBTQ+ rights what with Victoria being a Spice Girl, holidaying with Elton John and David being a gay  icon, advocate and ally for years. Not when it comes to a hefty Work Cup pay cheque however, it seems.


The oil rich nation of Qatar had already been hit with accusations of bribery when it came to securing votes in order to win the honour of hosting the Football World Cup in 2022. Beckham himself had been the face for the UK’s bid to host as well, in fact.


Now David has reportedly accepted a £10million fee to be the ‘face’ of Qatar in the run up to the lucrative competition, despite the fact Arab nation stands at number two in the world for LGBTQ+ discrimination, second only to Nigeria according to Forbes.


Currently in Qatar same sex intercourse is punishable by flogging, stoning to death or up to seven years in prison and suggestions it would suspend these laws during the World Cup were thrown out. For a sport rife with homophobia it is hardly a good look to basically legitimize a nation with such appalling anti-gay laws.


Beckham has yet to comment on the controversial appointment but Victoria already came under fire in 2020 for selling Pride t-shirts for a whopping £95 with a measly 25% going to an LGBTQ+ homelessness charity. It certainly isn’t going to get David any closer to nabbing that knighthood we all know he’s so desperate for.

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