14 funny AF gay meme accounts you should be following: Instagram Edition


Ah, memes. What a fucking bore-fest life must have been before we had them. I honestly don’t know how I coped with the crushing weight of just existing life without a fast injection of easily relatable comedy to show us that we’re not alone in navigating this crazy thing called ‘adulting’. 

So we thought it would be nice to drop you a list of our 14 favourite (gay) meme accounts, so that you too can laugh along with us on the daily. This is an Instagram only edition, so hold tight for our favourite Tiktok and Twitter ones. If we’ve missed off your favourite then feel free to drop them in the comments at the bottom.  

**Small but important disclaimer: OBVIOUSLY we’ve started with our own. Duh.

Okay here goes (in no particular order)…

1) @ItsLitGayShit and @GaysWhoMemeWell

2) @_SoHomo

3) @TheButchQween

4) @DrinksforGayz

5) @FitnessGayz

6) @ItsBritneyMeme

7) @RawGayMemes

8) @Latin_Tony

9) @TheBasicBoyfriend (formerly @BlockedonGrindr)

10) @TopsTalkShop

11) @OHeyPete

12) @Best_of_Grindr

13) @doyouknowdono

14) @cocktailscocktalk

Missed your fav??? Drop them in the comments below!