11-year-old trans girl fights and wins a pause on West Virginia anti-trans law


Only yesterday we were delivering the sad news of yet another trans woman being murdered which is a trickle down result of the vilification of trans people in a swathe of new laws in the USA. 


Today is the flip-side as a brave little trans girl has taken her fight to the courts themselves and won. Becky Pepper-Jackson is from a running family and simply wanted to compete in her 


When Replican Governor Jim Justice made a song and dance about how proud hw was to sign it into law, he fell into the trap that all these laws have already fallen into – they actually have no merit or examples requiring such laws in the first place. This of course means that they are simply being used as a political tool and in turn riling up the Trumpian base who then go on to be outwardly transphobic. 


In his ruling, Judge R Goodwin said that he had been ‘provided with scant evidence’ that the anti-trans law “addresses any problem at all, let alone an important one” which seems to have been the case all along. While this is more of a stay of execution, just like Trumps ‘big lie’, once these things are challenged in court, they’re not worth the toilet paper they’re written on.