The Homo Sapien Experience: WWGJD (what would *gay* Jesus do?)

Authors: The Homo Sapien Experience

“What would gay Jesus do?” (WWGJD)


We often hear people use the popular phrase WWJD: What Would Jesus Do?  You can find that age old question on bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, pretty much anywhere. And though it is a great query, we here at the Homo Sapien Experience would like to propose a small addendum to the question at hand. 


Instead of asking WWJD, what we should be asking WWGJD: What Would Gay Jesus Do.  


That’s the real T you wanna know, sis.  And don’t worry, we at The Homo Sapien Experience are here to find out!  

Our journey begins with our super queeros, Lexi Rabadi (@lexirabadi), Cooper Howell (@thecooperhowell), and Matt Curiano (@mattycake89) as they walk down the street in New York City. 


Suddenly, they run into Carpenter, Icon, and Wine Aficionado, Jesus, played by the incredible Ahmad Maksoud (@madmaksooo). 


Needless to say, the three friends are absolutely star struck, having run into the OG Son of God.  They strike up a conversation, discovering that Jesus has finally come back to Earth, and is looking to be filled in on what he’s missed in the past 2000 years.  


Lucky for him, we have our Homo Sapien Historians on hand to provide the deets on all of the crucial and important events of the past two millennia.  Our friends inform Jesus of humanity’s most essential historical moments such as the great 2015 debate of the dress that was both black and blue and white and gold, BenDeLaCreme’s epic white out lip stick reveal, the incredible beef between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus, how Miss Vanjie became a household name, the Britney and Madonna “Like A Virgin” kiss at the 2003 MTV VMAs, Crocs, Adele Dazeem, and Alyssa Edwards Tongue Pops.

Our friends also inform Jesus that there have been over 240 Anti-LGBT laws that have filed this year alone in the US.  And this scary phenomenon represents a dramatic increase in legislative attacks against the LGBT+ community since 2018 (nearly 600%).  A lot of these new laws are coming from deeply religious and conservative politicians, who have been known to use Jesus and Jesus’ teachings to defend and support their decisions.  But is this actually what Jesus would do?  Well, our queeros asked him, and here was his response:

When did I ever say ostracizing a community of people was okay? When did I say it was alright to deny people love, acceptance, and joy? All me and my Dad wanted for this world is for people to treat each other with kindness, respect, and love.  I would never want you to feel shame or guilt about discovering and celebrating who you are. That’s what makes you all so beautiful.  It’s the reason you were all put on this earth.  It’s the reason I love you all so much.

Well said Jesus, well said. 

And if he doesn’t support this Anti-LGBT legislation, than neither should anyone else.  Religion can be a really hard subject for many queer people around the world, but just know bbs, that Gay Jesus has got your back. 

Can I get an “Ah-them” to that??

What Would Gay Jesus Do
Starring: Lexi Rabadi (@lexirabadi), Cooper Howell (@thecooperhowell), Sarah Hamaty (@sarahhamaty), Matt Curiano (@mattycake89), and David Kuelz.

Written & Edited by: Matt Curiano (@mattycake89)

Behind The Scenes

We filmed this video on what had to have been the LOUDEST day in New York City. 

Often there’s a lot of stuff going on outside (it is New York after all), but on this day, there were about 50 construction projects happening on every corner, 25 trucks trying to back up at the same time, and about 3 leaf blowers on each street. 

Also, it’s always a treat when we film outside in New York to see how many people will stop and watch us. And when you not one, but two Jesus’ out on the street, people are very intrigued about what’s going on! 

That’s one of the best parts of living in New York City, the city is always a central character in all of your work (whether you want her to be or not!)

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