The Homo Sapien Experience: Best friends throughout history

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Best friends throughout history

Everyone has that one friend.  

You know, the one that knows exactly how you’re feeling on the good days and bad days? The one that you have an unexplainable connection with from the start? The one that you want to constantly choke for chewing too loudly or maybe even just existing?  

THOSE are the friends we keep with us forever. No literally, forever because sometimes our past lives have a sneaky way of finding us.

Finding us our soulmates, our friendships and maybe even, DUN DUN DUN – our frenemies.



Written and Starring: Matt Curiano (@mattycake89) & Brandon Contreras (@Ohhey_Brandon)


Behind the Scenes Moment with Brandon

Honestly, I still can’t believe this video was made. We have been talking about making this ridiculous video for over a year!

It all began one night when we were hanging out with our best friends (very much not sober) watching this incredible YouTube video called “The Egg Theory

In a SparkNotes version of this video it’s essentially saying, we all have lived a past version of ourselves.  We are all one and we’re born at different times, we live and then when we die and our souls go into another life and in another time and we find each other which is why some people love each other deeper , hate each other more, do the things they do, etc.


WELL, this was just A LOT of information to throw at us at that part of the night! HA! And after the movie, people around us are having the most thoughtful and incredible conversations about the depth of the piece.


Matty and I were just giggling in the corner and out loud thinking about all the times our past lives have betrayed each other, “I am still SOOO MAD at you for saying I’m a witch! That was so messed up”, “Omg, when I was ruling Rome as Caesar you didn’t have to STAB me, OMG!”

We did this for HOURS. Needless to say, we knew we had something on our hands.


MONTHS later, we finally put up a green screen and got to work.  We couldn’t stop laughing at every scene.  We had to film separately for the sake of editing so Matt had to work his editing magic on this one.

I do have to say though, I was so glad my two gorgeous wigs were able to make their HomoSapien Debut!

The Eve wig is named Rosario (after Rosario Dawson) and the Virgin Mary wig is named Taina (after my favorite Nickelodeon show and character of the same name.).

You will definitely be seeing more of those wigs and more of these characters in upcoming sketches. Thanks for watching!

Matt Curiano and Brandon Contreras are the creators of The Homo Sapien ExperienceQueer sketch comedy platform that shares stories of the human experience, emphasis on the “Homo”. 

Along with their fellow friends, artists and community, they continue to create content that uplifts and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ experience, encouraging its authentic visibility around the world.

Join them on this wild ride known as The Homo Sapien Experience.

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